Brandon Perry

Brandon Perry

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Brandon Perry
  • Pilates For Dancers with Brandon Perry

    Brandon's class in designed to strengthen a dancers body from the inside out. As a professional dancer himself, Brandon knows exactly what a dancer needs.
    Apparatus and Small Props
    Magic Circle
    Resistance Band
    Length / Type of Class
    Full length
    Dancer Pilates
    Brandon Perry

  • Brandon's variety show

    Brandon is back with a 55 minute reformer class utilizing a stretch band, baton, ball and box! Hence the name "Variety Show". Enjoy!!

    Apparatus and Small Props:
    small Pilates Ball
    Resistance band

    Length and type of class
    Athletic Reformer
    Dynamic Reformer FLow
    Full Length Cl...

  • Get'n Sweaty With Brandon

    Get ready to sweat the good sweat with Brandon in your living room. Grab a glider or paper plate and towel and you are all set.

  • Brandon's Booty Band Brilliance

    Grab your booty and lets go! Brandon is gonna have you sweating in no time.

  • TRX With Brandon 1

    Brandon is back with a fun yet challenging TRX class perfect for everyone. Wether you are an experienced TRX goer or this is your first TRX class you will love this class.

  • TRX With Brandon Part 2

    Brandon is back with a intermediate to advanced TRX class.

  • Sculpt with Grace with Brandon

    Find your inner grace with this 50 minute Reformer Sculpt Class.

  • Back 2 Basics with Brandon

    Welcome back to the studio and Reformer! Let Brandon ease you back into our Dynamic style with his Back 2 Basics reformer workout.