Here is where you can search for Dynamic Pilates Videos by Apparatus and Small Props this collection is "Cadillac/Tower".

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  • Tower with Kinzi

    Kinzi is back with another amazing Tower class for you! This 55 minutes class will have your shaking so good!


    Length / Type
    Full Length Class

    Kinzi Hall


  • Cadillac Restore

    Join Elizabeth for a 35 minute Restorative Cadillac/Tower Class. Either a full Cadillac or Tower will work for this class.

  • Power Tower with Kinzi

    Join Kinzi for a creative 45 minute Tower class appropriate for all levels!

  • Reformer / Tower Fusion

    Join Kinzi for a 55 minute Reformer / Tower Fusion class.

  • Tower Slow Burn

    Join Kinzi for a 60 minute slow moving, muscle shaking Tower class.

  • Power Tower

    Join Kinzi for a 43 minute class appropriate for all levels! No props other then a tower and sitting box are needed.

  • Tower Magic

    Join Kinzi for a 35 minute express Tower workout. You will need a magic circle. Appropriate for basic to advanced clients.

  • Cadillac Restore

    Join Hope for a yummy 30 minute Trapeze class.

  • Tower Sculpt

    Join Kinzi for a 40 minute Tower Sculpt class. You will need a light weight pair of hand weights.

  • Cadillac Restore 2

    Join Hope for a 20 minute express Cadillac class. Nothing feels better then a good Cadillac session.

  • Reformer / Tower Fusion 1.0

    She's BACK! Join Kinzi for a 45 minute Reformer / Tower fusion class.
    You will need a reformer / tower combo for this class. Any brand will work fine.

    Instructor: Kinzi Hall
    Level: ALL levels

  • Chair / Tower Fusion

    Kinzi is a back with a quick Chair / Tower Fusion class that will definitely have you shaking!

    About this class:
    Instructor: Kinzi Hall
    Class Type: Tower and Chair
    Class length: 35 minutes
    Equipment needed: Tower and Chair

  • Let's Roll - Cadillac

    Join Kristin for a 45 minute Cadillac class featuring the roll down bar.

    About this class:
    Your Instructor : Kristin DiMiceli
    Class type: Cadillac
    Level: ALL

  • Cadillac March Matness

    Join Kristin for a 50 minute Cadillac class inspired by the classical mat work.

    About this class:
    Your Instructor: Kristin DiMiceli
    Class type: Cadillac