Kristin DiMiceli

Kristin DiMiceli

Kristin loves to take Classical Pilates moves and blend them with contemporary versions for an effective and creative workout which provides both fundamental consistency and variety, keeping it fun and interesting. 

After leaving a corporate career in Pharmaceuticals, Kristin earned her Pilates Instructor certification through Long Beach Dance Conditioning in 2003 and began teaching at local studios and Physical Therapy offices in Los Angeles County as well as her own home garage. Her husband’s job kept them on the move allowing Kristin to teach Pilates in 5 different garages throughout the country: LA, Northern California, the Midwest, New York, and Orange County- where she settled and opened Garage Pilates studio. Although Kristin has graduated from the home garage and turned her dream of Garage Pilates into a Brick-and-Mortar, the name serves as a reminder for the evolution of her Pilates journey.  

Her three busy teenagers are involved in a variety of sporting activities which allows Kristin to partner with coaches and parents within her local community incorporating Pilates into the training regimens of young athletes and competitive dancers. Teach them early and the benefits are lifelong!

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Kristin DiMiceli
  • Plankyou Very Much

    Join Kristin for her signature Mat class, Plankyou Very Much! This class dives deep into your plank form and slowing grows in difficulty. Kristin's amazing teaching cues will guide all the way through helping you feel confident and comfortable.

    About this class:
    Instructor: Kristin DiMiceli

  • Build The Boomerang

    Join Kristin for a fun 55 minute mat class that will help build your Boomerang!

    About this class:
    Instructor: Kristin DiMiceli
    Class type: Mat / Classical

  • Pilates with a Kick

    Join Kristin with a 46 minute mat class designed to raise your heart rate and elevate your mood!

    About this class:
    Instructor : Kristin DiMiceli
    Class type: Mat
    Props: none
    Class level: ALL

  • Long Box Love

    Join Kristin for a 50 minute reformer class featuring the long box. So grab your long box and get moving.

    About this class:
    Your Instructor: Kristin DiMiceli
    Class Type: Reformer
    Class Level : ALL
    Equipment & props: Reformer and Box