Rosie Turner

Rosie Turner

In 2014 during a challenging and stressful time I found yoga and at this point in my life I was in a job I hated, in an unhappy marriage, partying way too much and my physical and mental health was at an all time low.

Before starting yoga I thought yoga wasn't going to be right for me. I wasn't calm enough, flexible enough and the only exercise I was interested in was in was hardcore hiit sessions so yoga wouldnt be enough of a workout for me. HOW WRONG I WAS!

I soon discovered that working with flexibility alone in a yoga class was actually more damaging to the body than good, so incorporating strength not only into my own yoga practice but in the classes I taught became my passion. The strength I have found has brought me back to the mat time and time again and I want to spread this magical practice with others.

Expect a dynamic class that will make you sweat, work hard and get that ultimate yoga glow!!

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Rosie Turner
  • Yoga Fit with Rosie

    Join Rosie for her Yoga Fit class! A challenging, strength building class with yoga inspired exercises and the ‘good’ burn of high intensity training! Prepare to sweat!

    • Mat
    • Loop Resistance Band

    • Full Length ...

  • Visulization Meditation

    An introduction and guided meditation to help you learn how to visualise all that you desire. As part of of brand new Spring Clean Series.

  • Gratitude Meditation

    For those who are learning more about meditation and the benefits, join Rosie on this beautiful Gratitude meditation.

  • Healing Relationships Meditation

    A 16 minute guided meditation with Rosie Turner on healing relationships. As part of our Spring Clean series.