Cass Merrill

Cass Merrill

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Cass Merrill
  • Quick Upper Supersets

    Quick Upper Supersets:
    Shoulders / Biceps / Triceps
    Equipment: Heavy Dumbbells or Barbell
    Class Length: 12 minutes

  • Upper Body Focus / HIIT

    Enjoy a HIIT style upper body burnout!
    Watch Tiffany get her upper body destroyed by Cass😂!
    Equipment: Light, medium and heavy hand weights.
    Class Length: 32 minutes

  • Full Body 7-14-21 Reps

    Full Body 7-14-21 Reps
    Join Jessie for a 36 minute full body strength class.
    Hand weights, booty band (big fit ball optional)

  • Upper Body Pyramid Set

    Join Cass for an upper body burn out class that will leave you dripping!
    Equipment: Light, medium and heavy weights.
    Class Length: 23 minutes

  • Core Accumulator

    Join Cass & Nicole for a express core burnout!

  • Legs & Glutes Supersets

    Join Cass & Tiffany for the ultimate lower body burn! Note: This is the class that killed Tiffany😁.
    Equipment: Medium and Heavy weights
    Class length: 30 minutes

  • Lower Body Fusion: Glutes & Legs

    Join Cass & Nicole for some major lower body burn!
    Equipment: Heavy hand weights, glider or towel
    Optional: Barbell and step bench box.

  • Full Body Giant Sets

    Join Cass as she kicks Tiffany's butt! This full body strength/HIIT class is the ultimate burnout.
    Equipment: Hand weights
    Class length: 47 minutes

  • Upper & Lower Hybrid Super Shred

    Join Cass & Tiffany for a full body strength & HIIT SUPER SHRED! Tiffany's personal favorite!
    Equipment: Heavy hand weights. Optional: Barbell
    Class Length: 46 minutes

  • Booty Work 60-50-40 HIIT

    Join Nicole & Cass for a challenging BOOTY HIIT class that will leave your booty popping!
    Equipment: Heavy hand weights
    Optional: Barbell and step bench (not needed but is an option).
    Class Length: 46 minutes