Wunda Chair

Wunda Chair

Here is where you can search for Dynamic Pilates Videos by Apparatus and Small Props this collection is "Wunda Chair".

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Wunda Chair
  • Booty Burnout Circuit

  • Beastmode Booty Burn

    Get ready for the ultimate BOOTY burn! Warning this is NOT your typical Pilates class!

    About this class:
    Your Instructor: Tiffany Burke
    Class Type : Reformer, Dynamic Reformer, Mixed Equipment
    Equipment: Reformer, Chair, Booty Band, Heavy Hand Weights, Barbell (optional)
    Class Level: ALL

  • Yoga on the Chair

    Join Kristin for a full body Pilates / Yoga Chair class!
    About This Class:
    Your Instructor: Kristin
    Class Type : Chair
    Class Equipment: Chair
    Class Level: ALL

  • Allie's Chair Variety Show

    Grab all your probs and join Allie for a fun chair class with a mix of your favorite props.

    About this class:
    Your Instructor: Allie Webb
    Class Type: Chair
    Class Equipment: Chair, Long band, small pilates ball, hand weights and a booty band.

  • Allie's Chair Game

    Join Allie for a fun and creative 35 minute chair class.
    About This Class:
    Your Instructor: Allie Webb
    Class Type: Chair
    Equipment: Chair and magic circle
    Class Level: ALL

  • Chair Bliss

    Chair Bliss is a 45 minute full body Chair workout. This class is perfect on its own or in addition to some Reformer work. You will need a Wunda Chair, Mat and some hand weights. This class is appropriate for a intermediate level person and can easily be modified to accommodate a beginner.


  • The Wunda Booty Class

    First of all Happy New Year!

    Let's start your new year off right with, The Wunda Booty Class. This 55 minute class will work your entire body in every direction.

    Apparatus and small props
    Wunda Chair
    Small Pilates Band
    Resistance Band

    Wunda Chair Class


    Tiffany Cro...

  • Flamingo Bosu Jump

    Flamingo Bosu Jump will deliver it all! A whole of HIIT action coming your way with a lot of Flamingos sprinkled throughout the entire class. This class is 65 minutes long with a 10 minute Wunda Chair Flow. If you do not have a Wunda Chair no big deal, just skip the Flow and your workout will sti...

  • Pilates For Pregnancy, 2nd Trimester

    Elizabeth, (a Physical Therapist and Pilates Teacher) is back and now in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Tag along as she demonstrates Wunda Chair class appropriate for those in their 2nd trimester.

    Wunda Chair
    Stretch Band
    Ankle weights

    Wunda Chair ...

  • Magical Butt Lift

    screen shot 7:25
    Its that time of year when all things are magical! So lets add some magic to our booties! Magical Butt Lift is a 40 minute flow that is a great addition to any jump board class. Add your favorite jump series to this flow and you have kick ass, bootie lifting class! This Flow fuse...

  • elizabeth 2nd trimester

  • Wunda Buns & Guns

    Wunda Buns & Guns. The name says it all! You will need hand weights, resistance bands and a soft pilates ball for this 65 minute class.

  • Not Your Mama's Chair

    Say hello to Not Your Mama's Chair Class!

    This 55 minute class consists of 45 minutes on the chair with a 10 minutes cool down on the Reformer. However you can skip the Reformer part by grabbing a stretch band and cooling off on the floor. For this class you will need a Pilates Chair, Reformer ...

  • Bad Ass Christmas Miracle

    Are you ready to take your pilates class outside of the box? This 50 minute flow will do just that!!! You will need a Wunda Chair and a Reformer. If you do not have a Chair you can still do the first 30 minutes of this flow.

    Wunda Chair


  • Chair Sculpt

    Chair Sculpt is 57 minute chair utilizing heavy and medium weight dumbbells. Get ready to sweat and sculpt during this full body class.

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    Full length classes

    Wunda Chair
    Small Pilates Ball

    Tiffany Burke


  • Find Your Mojo Fusion

    Find Your Mojo Fusion is a Reformer & Chair workout. This class is designed to help your find your balance, center and strength, consisting of a 35 minute restorative reformer flow and a 15 minute strength chair flow.

    Listen to my new playlist ttps://music.apple.com/us/playlist/find-your-mojo-f...

  • Kinzi Chair Chizzle

    Join Kinzi for 40 minute dynamic chair sculpt class.
    You will need....
    Pilates chair
    Light hand weights

    Kinzi Hall
    Level: All
    Class Length: 40 minutes

  • Chair Sculpt with Kennedy

    Join Kennedy for a 40 minute dynamic chair sculpt class.
    For this class you will need...
    Pilates chair
    light weight hand weights
    Pilates mat

    Class Length: 40 minutes
    Level: Intermediate - Advanced

  • Not Your Momma's Chair 2

    Join Tiffany for the ultimate 65 minute contemporary Wunda Chair class. This class will have you moving around the chair like never before.

    You will need:
    Pilates Chair
    Pilates sitting box

    Instructor: Tiffany Burke
    Class length: 64 minutes
    Class level: intermediate to advanced

  • Fusion Fantastica

    Join Tiffany for a 55 minute Chair / Reformer Fusion class! This class was filmed during a LIVE class at Tiffany's Utah studio, Studio Core Pilates.
    For this class you will need:
    Hand weight

    Instructor: Tiffany Burke
    Level: Intermediate - Advanced
    Length: 55 minutes
    Intensity l...

  • Wunda Buns & Guns

    Join Tiffany for 65 minute Chair Sculpt Class!
    For this class you will need:
    Pilates Chair
    Hand weights
    Booty Band
    Instructor : Tiffany Burke
    Class Length: 65 minutes
    Class Level: All
    Instensity: High

  • TRX / Chair Fusion

    Hailey is back with a 40 minute TRX / Chair Fusion class! This class is a great way to freshen up your workouts.
    About this class...

    Props / equipment needed:
    TRX and a Pilates Chair

    Hailey Babcock

    Class Length:
    40 minutes

    Class Level:
    Intermediate to advanced

  • Tara's Chair

    Tara is back with a 30 minute full body Wunda Chair Class! This class is great for all levels and abilities on its own or added to a reformer class for the ultimate workout.

    About this class:
    Instuctor: Tara Zigdon
    Level: ALL
    Length: 30 minutes
    Equipment: Pilates Chair