Kennedy Rogers

Kennedy Rogers

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Kennedy Rogers
  • Booty Burn with Kennedy

    Join Kennedy for a quick 30 minute Booty Burn at the barre.

  • Bouncing Babe with Kennedy Rogers

    Meet Kennedy Rogers, our newest trainer. Kennedy has put together a 35 minute bounce class appropriate for ALL levels. Get ready to burn tons of calories!
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    Kennedy Rogers

  • Kennedy's Killer 30 Min Mat

    Kennedy Rogers is back with her Killer 30 Min Mat class. All you need is 30 minutes and 1 light resistance band.

  • Kennedy's Barre Sculpt

    Kennedy is back and this time she is sharing her favorite Barre class. This quick 20 minute class is perfect when paired with a short cardio sesh or a walk around the block.

  • killing It With Kennedy

    Get ready to sweat with Kennedy on the mat as she leads you through a 30 minute workout that will leave you feeling ready to take on the weekend.

  • Kennedy's Magical Mat

    Glide and sculpt your way through Kennedy's 30 minute workout with Kennedy! All you need is a towel or glider and light weight hand weights.

  • Jumping With Kennedy

    Kennedy is back with her killer Jump Board class! Get set to sweat the good sweat in this 55 minute reformer jump board class.

  • Band Sculpt with Kennedy

    Have 30 minutes? Then grab a stretch band and lets go.

  • Summer Sexy Arms

    No better time to shape up those arms then summer. Join Kennedy as she leads us through a 30 minute arm burning session.

  • Rolling with Kennedy

    Grab your roller and enjoy this 35 minute full body class. This class is filled with yummy movements meant to restore and awaken your entire body.

  • Baton Babe

    Kennedy is back and she brought her Baton! So locate your baton and join us for a 55 minute reformer class appropriate for all levels.

  • Killing It with Kennedy

    Need a quick at home burn? If so this is for you! Join Kennedy for a 30 minute floor class. Ankle weights optional.

  • Love Your Body with Kennedy

    Short on time but need some reformer time? This 35 minute restorative reformer class is for you.

  • Not so Basic Burn

    Skill level low. Burn level HIGH! This class maybe basic but there is nothing basic about the burn. Join Kennedy in this basic level class that is a class that anyone will enjoy.
    You will need a small pilates ball and a pair of ankle weights (optional).

  • Reformer Stretch with Kennedy

    Reformer Stretch with Kennedy is a 30 minute stretch class designed to lengthen & awaken your body.

  • Reformer Sculpt with Kennedy

    Join Kennedy for a 55 minute Intermediate Reformer Sculpt Class. You will need a pair of light weight hand weights.

  • Feel The Burn with Kennedy

    Join Kennedy for a fun 45 athletic reformer class! You will need a soft pilates ball and a sitting box.

  • Chair Chizzel

    Join Kennedy for a 45 minute at home Chair / Barre class! You will need a chair, light hand weights and a booty band.

  • Tank Top Arms

    Join Kennedy for a 45 minute reformer class targeting the arms.

  • Chair Sculpt with Kennedy

    Join Kennedy for a 40 minute dynamic chair sculpt class.
    For this class you will need...
    Pilates chair
    light weight hand weights
    Pilates mat

    Class Length: 40 minutes
    Level: Intermediate - Advanced

  • Play Ball with Kennedy

    Join Kennedy with a fun chair class using the soft pilate ball. This intermediate level chair class is a fantastic over all workout leaving no muscle behind.

  • Booty Baby Burn

    Join Kennedy for a quick Booty Baby Burn class! Great for EVERY BODY including pregnant ones!
    Please note this is not a Prenatal class but a class that everyone can enjoy.

    About this class:
    Instructor: Kennedy Rogers
    Level; ALL
    Props: light hand weights and booty band
    Class type: Reformer / Barre

  • Chair Burnout with Kennedy

    Join Kennedy for a 35 minute chair class!

    About this class:
    Your Instructor: Kennedy Rogers
    Class Type: Pilates Chair, Athletic
    Equipment: Pilates Chair, Light Hand Weight
    Class Level: ALL
    Class Intensity: Mid range

  • TRX with Kennedy

    Join Kennedy for a 30 minute full body TRX class.


    Kennedy Roger