Hope Parker

Hope Parker

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Hope Parker
  • Athletic Burn with Hope

    Join Hope for a full body reformer strength class.

  • Full Body Bliss with Hope

    Join Hope for a full body reformer flow.

  • Moving with Hope

    No equipment, no problem. Join Hope for a 30 minute no equipment needed workout!

  • Finding Hope

    Find a bit if Hope with this 35 minute Magic Circle Mat class.

  • Flowing with Hope

    Flowing with Hope will leave you feeling like as graceful as Hope herself. This 50 minute Reformer class is packed with gorgeous dynamic moves that will work your entire body.

  • Gliding With Hope

    Grab some gliders or paper plates to glide and burn your worries away. This 30 minute class is the perfect at home workout for those looking for a fun yet challenging workout.

  • Just Move with Hope

    No equipment needed! Grab your mat and get ready to move with Hope.

  • On The Ball with Hope

    Grab a ball and go! This the perfect Monday morning workout! Hope has put together a beautiful at home class that will leave your body feeling alive and ready to face the week.

  • Restorative Reformer with Hope

    Take a it easy and enjoy this yummy restorative reformer class.
    You will need a small pilates ball and a Pilates Arc.

  • Bosu Bliss with Hope

    Nothing takes your workouts to the next level like the Bosu. Hope is back with another full body workout that will leave you feeling blissful.

  • Floor Sculpt with Hope

    Floor Sculpt with Hope is a 30 minute at home workout designed to strengthen and lengthen.

  • Pilates Magic with Hope

    Pilates Magic with Hope is appropriate for ALL levels. Anyone from beginner to advanced! Grab your magic circle and lets go!

  • Band Up with Hope

    Checkout Hope's latest at home workout featuring our Long Loop band.

  • Band Burn with Hope

    Grab your booty band and get ready to burn and shake. This 30 minute floor class is great on its own or in addition to short reformer flow. You will need a booty band or stretch band.

  • To the Mat with Hope

    To the Mat with Hope! No equipment required. Join Hope for a 30 minute class that is designed to kick start your week.

  • Bosu Mat with Hope

    Workout from home or add this to your studio class. This 30 minute Bosu class is appropriate for participants of all levels,

  • Restore with Hope

    Need a quick 30 min reformer sesh? Let Hope lead your through a quick yet effective restorative reformer class. No props needed.

  • Mat Magic with Hope

    Join Hope for a 30 minute Mat class using the magic circle.

  • Glow with Hope

    Relax, unwind and Glow With Hope! This 45 minute restorative reformer class is the perfect way to reward your body. You deserve this class. You will need a soft pilates ball.

  • Restore with Hope

    Join Hope for a 40 Minute restorative reformer class. This feel good reformer class is appropriate for all client abilities. Hope pays excellent attention to building upon correct form and cueing simple modifications. This is a excellent choice for a beginner or someone wanting a smooth, feel goo...

  • Cadillac Restore

    Join Hope for a yummy 30 minute Trapeze class.

  • Cadillac Restore 2

    Join Hope for a 20 minute express Cadillac class. Nothing feels better then a good Cadillac session.

  • Full Body Chair Flare

    Join Hope for a 30 minute full body chair class!

    About this class:
    Instructor: Hope Parker
    Class Length: 30 minutes
    Class Level: Intermediate
    Class Type: Wunda Chair
    Props & Equipment:
    Pilates Chair, soft pilates ball